Orrin and Orson are still missing.

It has been another grueling week with no major leads or breaks. We, the extended family, are offering a $30,000 Reward for information that will lead to the return of the boys. This reward is in addition to the previously announced rewards which all combined totals $80,000 for anyone who has information that will lead us to the boys.

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Please contact local authorities in Californty City, CA and Bakersfield, CA.

This is NOT a GoFundMe campaign nor are we soliciting money.

We ask that you do not give to individuals who have already attempted to profit off of this horrendous situation involving six innocent children. Again, we are not asking for money — we only want the boys found. If you want to give please contact officials in California City, California and Bakerfield, California who are leading aspects of the investigation — they may have needs that can be supported financially by the general public. This reward is being funded directly by our family.

Other ways we are asking for help:

  1. Keep the Official Investigation Going — Continue to encourage and if necessary pressure the California City Police Department, FBI, Bakersfield Police Department to make the search and investigation a priority. Law enforcement is in the best position to find the boys and bring them home. We need them to continue to leave nothing untouched and exhaust all possibilities. The Mayors, County Supervisors and other elected officials have been involved on varying levels and need to know that this case is one that needs to remain a priority until the boys are found and the truth is revealed. Call: 760.373.8606 and 661.327.7111

Thank you for those who have volunteered, prayed and offered support to bring all of the boys safely home. Bakerfield Mayor Karen Goh reached out and shared a tremendous prayer on behalf of all the boys. This has meant so much given the trauma of it all. Our resolve is to keep searching. We will not stop until Orrin and Orson are found and their brothers are reunited! God bless.

— The West/Watkins Family

Please note: This statement like the previous one is made by the extended family of the boys and is not a message posted by or on behalf of the adoptive parents.

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This account is set up to serve as the formal communication outlet for the extended family of Orson and Orrin West.

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