When I learned that two of my grandchildren, the youngest — Orrin and Orson, had disappeared this past December from their home in California City I was devastated. I am still devastated and in disbelief more than three months later that this has happened to these innocent babies and they have not been found. That they are not safe and sound at home with us is horrendous.

Less than 18 hours after their disappearance we made the heart wrenching choice to place their four brothers (my other babies) in the hands of the FBI for their protection. We had no clue what was happening or who was out there and in an instant all six of my grandchildren were gone. Out of my reach. I was shocked, hurt, worried, upset and confused.

Today I am still in shock, hurt, worried, upset but not confused. I am clear that my purpose and mission is to get my babies back. All six of them.

Someone knows exactly where Orrin and Orson are and what happened in December. Come forward. God and our family has already forgiven you and you will be free from the guilt and burden I know you are carrying. These are babies who are loved and have an entire future waiting for them to explore. Release them and yourself from this. All we want are the boys back.

Children are to be loved, cared for and protected at all cost and to have your own grandchildren be stripped away by God knows who is a nightmare that will breakdown the strongest of us all.

I worked hard for 29 years straight before retirement, raised three sons and have maintained my marriage of more than 30 years all while dealing with the pressure of being a Black Woman in America. I never would have imagined in my 65 plus years on this earth that this would happen to my own.

If you have read this far, please continue to support the actual search for Orrin and Orson.

If you know something — please share truthful and fact based information with the Bakerfield Police Department.

Please continue to pray for my babies and their safe return. I believe one day we will wake up from this nightmare. One day. God bless.

With Love,

— Wanda West